Although we’ve come across some beautifully detailed, creative, and seemingly realistic 3D printed objects in the past, such as this life-like prosthetic hand, or these artificial organs used for surgeon training, one of the biggest challenges facing 3D printing is the ability to print in full, highly detailed, true-to-life color.

While 3D printing is in every way a futuristic technology that enables everyone to look forward, it’s always important to remember how long the road of scientific progress really is. That’s why its great to see that Providence, RI-based artist Kelly Egan has gone all the way back to the nineteenth century with his latest project: the Ponytrope, a 3D printed version of the classic zoetrope.

The international exhibitions are  bridges between merchants, experts, artisans and researchers of different countries which is not only held for showing the products and the negotiations surrounding them, but the opportunities to exchange varied information such as globally competitive prices, the latest quality standards, the recent industrial advances, scientific achievements and technology–based business ideas, are obtained during these exhibitions.

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