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SM3M Produce FDM termoplastics and DLP resins

ABS and PLA filaments in 24 colors produced by SM3M for best FDM print quality.


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 Nylon, or Polyamide, is commonly used in powder form with the sintering process or in filament form with theFDM process. It is a strong, flexible and durable plastic material that has proved reliable for 3D printing.

ABS is another common plastic used for 3D printing, and is widely used on the entry-level FDM 3D printers in filament form. It is a particularly strong plastic and comes in a wide range of colours. ABS can be bought in filament form from a number of non-propreitary sources, which is another reason why it is so popular.

PLA is a bio-degradable plastic material that has gained traction with 3D printing for this very reason. It can be utilized in resin format for DLP/SL processes as well as in filament form for the FDM process. It is offered in a variety of colours, including transparent, which has proven to be a useful option for some applications of 3D printing. However it is not as durable or as flexible as ABS.

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SM3M produce FDM termoplastics and DLP resins

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