Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) is a layer additive manufacturing (or 3D Printing) process that uses production-grade thermoplastic materials to produce both prototype and end-use parts.

Solid Concepts offers a number of thermoplastic FDM materials that can be used for direct digital manufacturing including ABS, PC-ISO polycarbonate and Ultem-9085 for high-temperature applications.

Since FDM parts are constructed with production-grade thermoplastics, they are functional and durable. In fact, Ultem-9085 is flame, smoke and toxicity certified to UL-94V0 and FAA 25.853 standards and posesses an excellent strength-to-weight ratio.

Our FDM service creates strong parts and prototypes and is known to accurately produce feature detail.

FDM Applications

·         Concept models — Test form and fit, communicate design intent

·         Functional prototypes — Tough prototypes that can be used for functional tests

·         End-use parts — Low volume production without tooling expense and lead times

·         Manufacturing tools — Quickly manufacture jigs, fixtures, tooling masters and production tooling without machining


FDM Industries

·         Aerospace

·         Automotive

·         Commercial

·         Consumer

·         Industrial

·         Medical




Freedom of Design

Freedom of Design is achievable with Additive Manufacturing technologies such as FDM. Complex features, undercuts, B-side detail, and internal features are not a problem when using FDM to create prototypes and production parts. Don’t design for manufacture – manufacture for design.

Production Parts

Production Parts are created easily using FDM’s thermoplastic materials. The main benefit of using FDM for production parts is the ability to create limited quantities of custom parts while utilizing high-performance materials. Parts produced are strong, durable, and heat and chemical resistant, making them ideal for a wide range of functional applications.

Virtual Inventory

Virtual Inventory is no longer something left to the imagination. Digital Manufacturing makes virtual inventories real – just build from your CAD data in the quantities you need when you’re ready. Make design changes as you need to without being committed to tooling. Say goodbye to the high cost and time of getting ready for production when you move your projects over to the FDM process.

Engineering-Grade Plastics

Engineering-Grade Plastics such as ABS, PC-ISO polycarbonate and Ultem 9085 are available with Solid Concepts’ FDM technology. Since parts are created from production materials, they are suitable for low-volume production as well as functional testing in harsh environments. With FDM, experience the benefits of layer additive manufacturing with engineering-grade thermoplastics.

Expert Engineering

Expert Project & Manufacturing Engineeringguidance help ensure your project’s success from prototype to production. Our degreed engineers are highly knowledgeable and have real industry design experience. Our intimate knowledge of additive manufacturing, experience with production programs, and highly efficient facilities enable us to produce high-quality parts quickly.